This is me

My name is Sharon, welcome to my blog, ‘Savour the Moment’.  Make yourself at home and browse through my meanderings.  My views are wry, often dry but always my own. Thank you for dropping in!

I am ‘retired’ and now live a rural life (with the odd quick fixes of city-life) in a cottage in a village, which is Nottinghamshire’s best kept secret.  I share it with my husband and am involved in all kinds of things that keep me out of mischief.

Lots of things interest me and ‘Savour the Moment’ is my personal blog and this is where I share my thoughts on a variety of topics with anyone who might be passing by.  I’ve been involved with marketing communications for most of my adult-life – and by default, the written word.  ‘Savour the Moment’ fulfils a need to write.

I can also post product reviews and will share feedback. 

Who knows what I will blog about from post-to-post?   If you’re looking for a consistent topic blog you are out of luck.  The only consistency you will find here is that I’m consistently inconsistent.  It depends on my current obsession, at present it’s sausage-making! You can expect a blog about that soon.

The kind of things that I like are: Christmas, winter, home, log-fires, the hubster, the kids, the grandkids (with a passion), writing, reading, listening (to Radio 4, to audio books, to people), and the music of Paul Simon, James Taylor, Harry Nilsson, Christopher Cross, Andy Williams, Neil Sedaka,  The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Gerry Rafferty; walking, cooking; my friends; making things – anything; red wine, gin and tonic… are you getting the picture?

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