And these are the new shoes!

My visit to

You know how it is, you get used to a pair of trainers and it’s really hard to say goodbye to them.  It had to be done because if this running malarkey is to continue I need to be properly equipped.  I took my courage (and wallet) in both hands and Paid a visit  to ‘Up and Running’ on Huntingdon Street in Nottingham.

Gait Measurement

The very nice man asked me all about my ‘running’ habits and talked me through all the options.  He explained about the ‘lugs’ – the ridges on the sole that, most importantly, give you grip.  The deeper the lugs – the muddier the ground you can run on but clearly not that good for road runs.

And this is what lugs look like

We narrowed it down to a choice of two pairs.  The first pair were tried and I was asked to step onto the treadmill.  I ran a few metres whilst a camera filmed my steps from behind. The fit was pronounced good.

Brand spanking new trainers

Decision Made

I went through the same process with a different branded pair.  It it was clear that the first pair were the best fit and therefore feel.  And besides that… new socks too?  Yes please, I’ll have a pair of Hilly TwinSkins  All set and ready to run!

Test Run

I tried them out this morning.  They feel good, although they didn’t make me run any faster.  That’s it then, I now need to see a return on the investment.  Run, run, run then, yes?

New trainers after their maiden voyage

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